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Option 1

Upgrade to Lifetime Access to the programme so you do not have to purchase again in 12 months' time if your child loves it (they will 😉).

Option 2: 

12-month licence plus an upgrade to include two anxiety and depression assessments* (one at the start of the programme and one at the end). These are scientifically validated questionnaires called RCADS which I will interpret for you and send you the results so that you can share them with your child's school and other services.

Option 3:

Upgrade to get lifetime access and your two assessments* included.  

Option 4:

I'll skip the extras and just take the 12-month licence. 

Note - The following page will display your subtotal. Taxes are added at checkout to reflect the tax rate of your country. 

* Please note that these assessments are not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always consult your doctor or other qualified mental health specialist for any mental health diagnosis. The information is not intended for clinical or diagnostic purposes. 

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